It is my pleasure to meet you!

I have true passion for understanding human behaviours and enjoy bringing big picture thinking to the table. My time in trade marketing in the retail space trained me to be strategic about how to engage with customers and use research to see the opportunities from their point of view whilst delivering business results which is critical in any UX project. 

As a graduated exhibition designer I used HCD processes which is why transitioning to UX has been seamless for me. Completing the Academy Xi UX Design Course in 2020 allowed me to work on real clients briefs to build on my previous experience and refine my technical UX skills.

Im a super enthusiastic person with ability to adapt to any situation that is been thrown at me. Having lived majority of my life overseas, design is one of many languages I speak. In my free time I like to surf, read and illustrate.

In 2021 I am looking to build on my experience further by working on interesting projects with great people.

Book I'm currently reading

The Right It: Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeed by Alberto Savoia