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Hiring Manager’s biggest challenge is sifting through hundreds of CV’s to get down to a shortlist of candidates suitable for interviewing. Canditute is a recruiting software start-up concept that helps automate this process. Hiring Managers set questions and candidates answer via video, which helps them get a much better sense of the candidate whilst giving the candidate the opportunity to stand out from the other applicants.

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Clients objectives

  • Mobile application

  • Create a customer journey or product flow of the candidate when using Canditude during the application process.

  • Candidates persona(s)

  • Wireframes of the customer journey developed with the principles of privacy, empathy and trust in mind.

  • Colour scheme that best represents key principles


  • Research

  • Personas + Customer Journey

  • Ideation workshop

  • Prototypes

  • User testing

Key design tasks

1. Homepage

What started as a mobile app became a website design as the research showed that majority wanted a website rather than a mobile app.

2. Interview page

Participating in every interview can be very nerve racking. I needed to find a way to ease the anxiety of candidates.

3. Resources page

The concept of Canditute on it's own is a very functional tool with no real support. I came up with the concept of building a resources page for candidates to help them through the process.

4. Dashboard

Design a way to track applications for hiring managers and applicants.

1. Homepage
Prefer desktop platform + recording from the laptop of webcam
"Didn't fully understand the process when i first started. I was not too comfortable with speaking to a camera and messed up my answers" - Anh 33
Are uncomfortable with this type of interviews

Contextual Hero-Image

Homepage is an easy to understand start with a hero image that shows what the Canditude is all about.

Calming Colour Pallet

Kept it simple for easing the nerves

Making The Steps Clear

Showing the candidates the steps they need to take while using Canditude manages the expectations and builds trust.

2. Practice interview + Interview pages
would prefer to practice before conducting an actual video interview
Want 2 -5 minutes to
answer the question
Say 2-3 practice questions is enough

Explanations Every Step

Every step that candidate takes has an explanation attached to it

Allowed For Practice

Developed a practice section where candidates can practice the process

Illustrations For Calming Visual

Users felt more comfortable with illustrations, for some people using photos of other people made them feel insecure

3. Resources page
Candidates wanted a way to learn and improve themselves.
"I didn't feel comfortable speaking to a camera and felt this didn't represented my 'best self'"
Seeking Help
Lack of resources: "When I was younger I used to google behaviour type of questions help videos"
Of competitors have some form of learning resources for candidates

Purpose Beyond Functionality

This section build a purpose for Canditute beyond a functional process, it's a place candidates can learn and improve themselves in a non threatening way

Creating Loyalty

This resources section would be one of the reasons to come back to Canditude and in the long run can become an education hub for the job seekers.

4. Dashboard page
Would like a feedback after applying
Want to see feedback in written form
Filtering Candidates
"Testing candidates even before interview would allow us to see the top candidates ahead of time"

Candidates Can See Feedback

Created dashboard allows the candidates to view the feedbacks at their convenience

Ability To Track Progress

Simple welcome screen with the previous and current job applications to keep track

Performance Analytics

Data analytics from the tests outcomes helps the candidates and hiring managers to find a match

Final walkthrough

The final walkthrough the fully prototyped end-result.