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Link4 provides e-Invoicing delivery solutions which means securely delivering invoices from one cloud-based accounting software directly to the other. It is an efficient and automated process that works in real-time, increasing cash-flow for a company via reducing the invoice generation-to-payment process.

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Link4 Cloud


  • Enhance the customer journey of the onboarding process. 

  • Make the navigation through this process easier, clearer, therefore eliminating any trigger of confusion.

  • Make the flow more interactive and as customer friendly as it can be.This is your heading


Research | Workshop | Prototype | Homepage design advice


2 weeks

Link4 Cloud

Desktop research

  • Competitor analysis

  • SaaS customer onboarding guidelines

  • Customer review analysis

  • Discovery testing

8 1:1 interviews

2 Surveys

8 User-testing current process

Using their accounting software to create invoices
Working or owning a business with 0 to 25 employees
Using XERO as the only accounting software
Heard about Link4


  • Easy to learn and use

  • Automation of reminders for the customers

  • Connection/integration with various range of accounting software

  • Don't want to pay too much money for a similar service


  • Many people still use paper/pdf invoices

  • getting clients to pay on time

  • Concern of mistake on invoice management

Existing process

  • Homepage: "I still don't know what the product is"

  • "Before I even enter the information in fields, I get an error message"

  • "I'd like to know how many steps are left"

  • Would've been nice to be notified before hand of the needed documents"

Quotes survey

  • "frustrating when there's no tutorials or help in the software for new users"

  • "Takes too long to set up"

  • "Software was too difficult to use"

  • "Biggest must for software would be simplicity, easy to use and straightforwardness"

Persona & Journey
Current User Flow
New User Flow
Link4 Cloud

Ideation process

  1. How Might We

  2. Crazy 8s

  3. MVP

Low Mid High Fidelity
Flow of the website is confusing
Too much information on the page
Sign up process is too long

Reduced the number of steps it takes to sign up and refine user flow

Improved on the placement and design of website features

Edited website copy to be clear and direct and simple

Redesigned the dashboard layout for a better flow

Final product

In the end I decided to use a hero image on the homepage that shows the product on different devices. This is currently already been implemented in the new design of Link4. What is achieved in the end of this project:

  • Decreased the number of onboarding steps (decrease friction & build momentum)

  • Happy messages and words

  • Engaging, informative, personalised and clear email templates

  • Clearer dashboard navigation and user interface