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Guidance Centre

The RAC Guidance Centre is a new hub that offers members and the broader public, guides, advice by web chat or by phone. It also helps RAC
identify their members next goal’s so that they can personalise their experience with RAC.

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As the UX Designer on this project, I reviewed existing research, designed a high fidelity prototype and oversaw member testing.


I designed a comprehensive high fidelity prototype, include a chat feature that was used to present to the executive team to secure funding for the development.

Concept Testing

The concept was tested with over 1,158 RAC members in 3 rounds during the development process. In the final found of testing 98% of respondents found the concept appealing.

Unique Research Moments for Home Buyers over 20 months
Trust Issue
Users don't know who to
trust for advice
About getting the big decisions right
There are so many information sources, scattered all over the place
Key Design Features
RAC WA - Guidance Centre

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A Central Location For Guidance

For RAC Members (1,179,000 Western Australian's) there's an overwhelming amount of information sources to help with big asset purchases, so it's difficult for them to know where to start. I designed the Guidance Centre in a way that make users feel that everything they need to know about buying a home, car, caravan, pet etc all all here in one destination. The overview page was structured to bring all the goals together.

RAC WA - Guidance Centre

Helping Users Understand The Process

Research showed that people find the process of buying a big asset, overwhelming so they don't know where to start or who to trust. The RAC has strong levels of trust with members but also the broader WA community, therefore we came to the idea of offering comprehensives guides to help people through the process. I designed the guide structure and template to make it comprehensive, yet simple to navigate through.

RAC WA - Guidance Centre

Automated And Empathetic Web Chat

The chat feature had high appeal with the under 40's segment. So honing in on the users needs, I created a chat strategy, and mapped conversation trees that were able to identify the users needs, be empathetic but also guide them in the right direction. From there I went on to design a high fidelity prototype.

RAC WA - Guidance Centre

Designing A Smart Data Capture System

Buying a large asset is a highly emotional experience, therefore at every touchpoint we wanted to make users feel they were getting a personal experience tailored to them. I created a data capture system to be highly personalised for users but on the flip side it captures really useful data for RAC, like what the members next goal is and the timeframe for that goal.

Concept Testing
Found Concept Appealing
Members liked that RAC could provide them unbiased advice
Members loved that there was lots of get guidance all in one place


The Guidance Centre has moved into production and will be pushed live in stages over November 2021 - June 2022.