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Transparent Quoting

Many people feel clueless about how insurance is calculated making it hard for them to judge different policies against one another. If RAC can make the insurance easier to understand, it will make it easier to convert new customers.

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Research Review
UX Design
Pricing Strategy
Member Testing


What I tried to do in this design is to illuminate frustration of getting a quote. Members stated that the price of the quote changes suddenly at the end. I wanted to show the price build up to make sure people could rely on their own choices and see the consequences right away in the price.


This concept is tested on 472 RAC members.

Initial Research
Members have reported feeling
confusion or distrust resulting from
the quoted premium being different
from their original quote, upon
subsequent views or payment
Of RAC members complete quotes online each year (approx. 1 million people)
“Yesterday, it took me a whole hour to fill in all the pages and get a quote. When I tried to retrieve that quote today, I could not get past the page asking for
the quote number and post code."
RAC WA - Transparent Quoting Experience

Making The Price Calculation Visible

In many insurance experiences including RAC's current quoting system, the price is always hidden until the end. I designed the right hand panel to always show the total price in the bright yellow box to help educate users on how the price is calculated.

RAC WA - Transparent Quoting Experience

Displaying The Pricing Breakdown

It's no wonder people find it hard to understand insurance pricing, most of the time to costs are hidden and shown at the end of the process. During the experience members can see the breakdown of the pricing in the right hand panel. Which not only makes it clear but also helps educate them on how insurance is priced.

RAC WA - Transparent Quoting Experience

Showing The Pricing Range Upfront

Showing the pricing range early on in the process sets the expectation of the user, rather than going into the quote experience blindly and potentially leading to price shock and frustration. This feature in the design helps reduce the chance of frustrated users.

Concept Testing
Members tested
"I understand exactly what the insurance does and does not cover." - age 45-64
Find the concept appealing
Find the concept understandable


The Transparent Quoting concept is now on the Insurance Product Roadmap sitting behind some higher priority items, but scheduled to go into development in 2022.