UX Designer

Charity Bay is essentially is a digital version of Good Sammies/Salvos/Vinnes, it’s an online marketplace that converts items that people are looking to give away into cash donations for the charity selected by the donor. Being an online operation 95% of the proceeds go to the charities and buyers not only get a great deal but are also shopping more consciously.

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  1. Make discovering listings easier

  2. Make purchasing easier

  3. Improve buyer education by highlighting the impact of purchases


  • Research

  • Journey Map

  • Ideation

  • Low to High Fidelity Prototypes

  • Usability Testing

Desktop Research

35 Surveys respondents

10 1:1 Interviews

22 Usability Tests

Persona & Customer Journey
Ideation workshop
Key design tasks

1. Homepage

Find a way to show what is all about and not overwhelm the user with too much information. Explain the purpose of the website and show the function of the marketplace right away.

2. Listings page

Make the search for an item easy and intuitive. Add a pre-filled function to the search bar and make the filter easier to use.

3. Items page

More info available above the fold with far less scrolling. Also to translate the price of an item to the actual impact on the charity.

4. Dashboard

Improve the visibility of the total impact of the charityBay activities. Also make the dashboard cleaner and more structured.

1. Homepage
Unclear of what charityBay does, from their first glance
Said it looked like a health website
Facebook & Gumtree
The most popular with the interviewed
Missed the examples of what charityBay does on the homepage

Clearer Purpose

The message is now clear and strong on the homepage. Direct call to action right in the hero image.

Emotive Imagery

Bringing in more emotive imagery to create a greater reason for people to use the platform

Simplified Content

Simplified content to what was essential for users, which included creating a seperate "About" section
2. Listings page
Said the map was too big and did
not add value to the page
Were very confused about "reserve price met"
and "reserve price not met"
Thought that filtering was difficult and not intuitive

Shifted From a Map View
To a Listing Centric View

Made the listing far more prominent than the location as this was far more important to users. Location was incorporated into the search bar

Redesigned how search worked

Based on what users told us we created a filtering system added categories, added prefilled search bar and now users can search via location only

3. Items page
Interpret the $ sign as price,
not a donation amount
There is no "buy now" option so the buyer can't purchase an item right away
Had questions about bidding and how it worked

Made Charity Info
More Prominent

Moved the charity information next to the price of the item, so buyers knew where there money was going to.

Added "Buy Now" button

For people who want to buy the item rather than bid they can now purchase it straight away.

Refocussed Critical Info

All the information is now based on the right side of the items picture to give everything the users needs in one view, rather than having to scroll.
4. Dashboard
Want to see the impact
after donating money
Said too many categories
within the dashboard
User Impact
Users want to see the impact of
the donations and purchases

Made Impact Visible

Clear visible impact of the money, donated or donated by buying an item from the website.

Simplified Categories

Menu on the left side is gone from 36 to 5 clickable links to make it easier to navigate

Optimised Colour

Use of charityBay colours to make the dashboard stand out

Final walkthrough

The final walkthrough the fully prototyped end-result.