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Personal Renewal Process

Members told us that the renewal process is impersonal. They get an email once a year telling them their fees are going up, leaving them feeling helpless and with no sense of control. I created a new design experience to give members more control and satisfaction.

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Research Review
UX Design
Pricing Strategy
Member Testing


I designed high fidelity concepts to test the theory of unpersonalised renewal, exploring future possibilities.

Concept Testing

This Concept is tested with 437 RAC members.

Initial research
In general not enjoyable thing to do
Not understanding how the price is build up ends up in negative experience as it goes up every year
Difficult to
Calculate value of contents in the home
Being a RAC member should make things easier
RAC WA - Personal Renewal Process

Show How Much The Price Has Gone Up

Members get frustrated when insurance companies, gloss over the fact that they have increased the price of the users policy for the upcoming year. So I designed the renewal email with the price difference front and centre giving them the option to renew or review and amend. The review option leads them to a page where they can review and adjust their pricing.

RAC WA - Personal Renewal Process

Pricing Sliders

As above, members feel they have little control over the renewal process. On the renewal review page, I designed pricing sliders to allow them to adjust, the amount covered, excess, and kms per year. Reductions in these items would lead to lower prices, but more importantly give them a sense of control, that they didn't have before.

RAC WA - Personal Renewal Process

Ability To Opt Out of Options

In comparison to the market RAC products, tend to be more inclusive of options, which means sometimes a fraction more expensive. On the review page I added all the additional options to allow the users to deselect them if they wish. To avoid them making a change that they might regret later, I created a pop-up to make it clear what the impacts of their decision may be and the risk they will be taking on.

Concept Testing
Responses on member testing survey
Agree that personalised renewal process makes them feel like an individual member and not a number
Find it easy to understand
Find it an appealing concept


The Renewal Concept is now on the Insurance Product Roadmap sitting behind some higher priority items, but scheduled to go into further development in 2022.